Immediate Takeoff

September, 7, 2021 by

When a controller clears a pilot for immediate takeoff or asks them to expedite, they are placing their trust in the pilot. So, how can you make your controller’s life easier?

If you’re a pilot at a controlled airport and you are cleared for immediate takeoff, that mean’s you’re cleared for IMMEDIATE takeoff. Oftentimes, when this command is used, there is either a long takeoff queue or a small window where you can depart, so don’t ruin it for everybody by lining up, stopping, and then rolling. Line up at a reasonable speed and start rolling as soon as you’re lined up. If you don’t, there is risk of your takeoff clearance being cancelled, an arriving aircraft having to go around, or both. To make your controller’s life easier and your fellow pilot’s trips more efficient, if you’re asked to expedite, please do so.

Suhas is a writer for the IFATC Education Group. He is a long time Infinite Flight user, IFATC Officer and Tester. In the real world, he’s a student pilot on both glider and powered aircraft. He's also an IFVARB Board Member.