Infinite Flight Tools by Gary Hamann

February, 6, 2021 by

It is a work in progress.

This started out as a tool to help me learn web development and JavaScript with the initial goal of making my hold pattern, and circling approach generator available to everyone.

You can try it out:

Then I thought it would be cool if I could plot the flightplan as it was generated. I’ve got that working, but haven’t integrated it, as I was sidetracked when I wanted to use it to create a plot of objects contained in the canvas that observed an accurate physics collision algorithm.

I have a more realistic version of that working, but haven’t posted a video of it yet.

I never know where this stuff is going to go. This morning I decided it would be relatively easy to control the direction of my moving objects with a vector drawn from an object. I have rudimentary version of that working now. What’s next is to draw the objects as arrows, or small planes, and to make the turns arcs instead of right angles.

Once I’ve got that implemented, it would make a great tool anyone could use to practice lining up aircraft similar to what you need to do in Infinite Flight. The tool already supports adding as many objects as you want. I’ve tested it with up to 250 objects and the script can handle the positions of all the objects, and also perform the collision detection.

Gary Hamann is a contributor for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and retired electrical engineer.