Intermediate Taxi-Holding Position (ITHP)

August, 27, 2020 by

Intermediate Taxi-Holding Position markings may be found at airports where the taxiway layout is complex or involves many intersecting taxiways. ITHPs may be established in order to protect a priority taxiway route ahead of the marking and are marked by a single broken line laid across the full width of the taxiway normally at right angles to its centerline.

When approaching an ITHP, the pilot should stop and yield to all cross traffic. Once safety has been established, they may proceed into the intersection with caution.

Intermediate Taxi-Holding Positions are included in Infinite Flight’s airports but are not enforced by air traffic controllers. Of course, they may still be used to designate right of way.

ITHP in Infinite Flight

References: FAA

Luca Caviness is an editor for the IFATC Education Group and an IFATC Supervisor. He is also a real-world student pilot.