Kai Malcom

Hey there! My name’s Kai. Some may know me as KaiM or formerly as Velocity23 on the IFC. I’m an IFATC Education Group writer, CEO of a VA, IFATC Specialist, IFVARB Member, Third-Party Developer and “that phpVMS guy.” In the real world, I’m a High School student in Melbourne (Australia), a Web Developer and Student Pilot.

I joined the IFC in May 2018, and have gradually been involving myself in more and more of the many features this community has to offer. I joined the IFATC Education Group, called the ATC Education Group at the time, in 2019 as a video editor, then became a writer. The group paved the way for me to join IFATC, which I did in March 2020.

I’m heavily involved in the VA Sector of the community. I run a VA, I’m an IFVARB Member and I provide help to those building Crew Centers using phpVMS where I can.

I began programming in March 2016, when my father taught me the basics of HTML. After finishing my first website, I took a long break from programming, but when I joined the IFC I started back at making website, eventually creating Infinite ATC. From there I moved onto PHP, and recently I’ve been developing a massive new third-party using ASP.NET Core and written in C# (pronounced C Sharp).