Less Frustration, More Teaching

November, 20, 2021 by ,

Instead of getting frustrated with pilots, let’s take a different approach.

For us IFATC controllers, we expect proper use of instructions and commands at all times. However, we do not always get this because it’s not an expectation that can be met. Mistakes can happen, people can misunderstand commands. As IFATC controllers, I think we should take a different approach to handling the mistakes pilots make.

Instead of getting frustrated, we should teach the pilots the correct ways. We can do this by reaching out to the pilots on the community forum and addressing the issue and then teaching them how to correct the issue.

If the pilot or controller has their username visible in-app, that is the same username you’d use to contact them on the forum.

This not only will benefit the pilot, but it will also benefit the controllers because in future sessions there will be one less pilot who does not know the correct way to communicate with ATC. And that compounds because they tell their friends, then those friends tell theirs.

Those pilots may become regulars you see all the time, and they’d know they have an open line of communication to ask questions.