Lucas loves circles and the B757

November, 12, 2020 by

A work in progress image was released of the B757 fuselage which will be coming in the v20.3 Infinite Flight update.

Infinite Flight B757 fuselage WIP

There has been some conversation within the Infinite Flight community in the past about other aircraft not having accurate modeling, and now more recently regarding the nose of the B757 in this image. That nose is perfectly fine. There are so many factors that play into why it’s shaped like that. I’m here to prove that the nose is perfect, mathematically using my knowledge of circles.

Exhibit 1: Infinite Flight WIP B757

All I did here was draw a circle, label the diameter in red a separate radius in blue. All you need to know is that you should follow the red trailing down the cockpit windows to the center and then follow the blue. Then I used my protractor to measure the angle made by the red and blue. I couldn’t get an exact answer, hence the +/- 2. The green indicates possible angles for the other end of the diameter. This is our baseline.

Exhibit 2: Real-World B757

Next, I copy-pasted the same exact circle onto an real-world 757-200 with a more familiar angle you’re used to. I rotated it to fit it within that same position on the IF model. Again look at the blue radius and the second half of the diameter (if looking at the diameter from left to right). Basically, the exact same angle is produced. No changes in labeling. Nothing.

So I’m going to say that the noses will be the same on both models, all that’s in play here is the perspective of the shot, with a focus on the nose.

I love circles.

Editor Note: This is a well thought out guest post from a contributor regarding the many calls from the Infinite Flight community in criticizing aircraft models, in particular the B757, that we felt the need to share, in it’s entirety.