Mach Loop

September, 8, 2020 by

The Mach Loop, also known as the Machynlleth Loop, is a series of valleys in Wales, used as low altitude training areas for jet and propeller aircraft.

The Royal Air Force (U.K.), U.S. Air Force, and other European nations such as Belgium use the Mach Loop regularly, training in aircraft such as Tornados, Typhoons, Hawks and F-15E Strike Eagles. Some will fly as low as 250 feet above terrain.

See a map of the Mach Loop here. To fly the loop, spawn at EGOD. A few nautical miles to the southeast, you will see a circle of waypoints beginning with “ML”. Those waypoints make up the entire loop.

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Luca Caviness is an editor for the IFATC Education Group and an IFATC Supervisor. He is also a real-world student pilot.