Mastering Flash Flights on Infinite Flight

June, 15, 2021 by

Controlling a flash flight on Infinite Flight is perhaps the most difficult challenge for a controller. Here are some tips for how to be successful and not get overwhelmed.

Throughout this post, I will use the flash flight I controlled as approach (CYVR-KSFO) as an example.

Plan, plan, plan

Planning is the most important part of controlling a flash flight. First, do not control a flash flight if you don’t have experience controlling hubs. Just don’t do it – your service will be poor and your DMs will be flooded with messages when you close. Otherwise, the best way to plan is by:

  • Checking out the ground layout by going in solo and taxiing around to find points of conflict, runway crossings, etc
  • Spawning on the IFATC server and looking at the procedure(s) in use

Another important step of planning is to coordinate with other controllers. In our IFATC Discord, I posted the below picture and message to show the Center controller what would be the easiest and most expeditious plan for approach and the pilots. Since everyone was coming on the STINS3 STAR for this flash flight, they could be split onto the two downwinds and vectored to intercept from there.

Additionally, frequencies must be split with the amount of traffic a flash flight generates in order to give the pilots a good service. Do not try to take both tower and ground or approach by yourself – other controllers want to help! For this FF, we split approach by runway.

Execute and Adjust

Now, you’re all set, right? Not quite! Executing is easy enough if you’ve planned well, but what happens when 4 planes come blasting in from LAX? This is where communication comes in. You must communicate with the others who are controlling the airport. In my scenario, I asked center to give approach controller who was servicing the other runway the next ~5 flash flight planes while I handled those coming from LAX. It went flawlessly and we returned to the original plan afterwards.

Take screenshots of your immaculate work

This is a prime opportunity to post all the plane trails, enjoy!

Credit to @JayIOM (tower), @alberto_lopez (28R approach), and @PlaneGeek (center) for their amazing help during this flash flight!