Meet our team – Kai Malcolm

August, 11, 2020 by

Hey there! My name’s Kai. Some may know me as KaiM or formerly as Velocity23 on the IFC. I’m an IFATC Education Group writer, CEO of a VA, IFATC Specialist, IFVARB Member, Third-Party Developer and “that phpVMS guy.” In the real world, I’m a High School student in Melbourne (Australia), a Web Developer and Student Pilot.

I joined the IFC in May 2018, and have gradually been involving myself in more and more of the many features this community has to offer. I joined the IFATC Education Group, called the ATC Education Group at the time, in 2019 as a video editor, then became a writer. The group paved the way for me to join IFATC, which I did in March 2020.

I’m heavily involved in the VA Sector of the community. I run a VA, I’m an IFVARB Member and I provide help to those building Crew Centers using phpVMS where I can.

I began programming in March 2016, when my father taught me the basics of HTML. After finishing my first website, I took a long break from programming, but when I joined the IFC I started back at making website, eventually creating Infinite ATC. From there I moved onto PHP, and recently I’ve been developing a massive new third-party using ASP.NET Core and written in C# (pronounced C Sharp).

Kai Malcom is a writer for the IFATC Education Group. Kai is an IFATC Specialist, student pilot, web developer and third-party developer.