Meeting Minutes: January 14, 2021

January, 15, 2021 by

Each week the IFATC Leadership team have video conference meeting. Here is what was discussed in this week’s meeting.

New Supervisors

  • Add both positive/negative feedback to the website
  • No need to message a person in question about every issue
  • Address smaller issue when a trend evolves/is tracked

New Supervisor “Ticket” System in place soon to be claimed by an available

Training Event

  • Saturday, 23rd of January 2021
  • Vote on Location: Vancouver/Seattle, London, New York/Connecticut regions
  • Focus events on volume and traffic instead of terrain management
  • Possible General Aviation event to give controllers experience dealing with slower performance aircraft and short vectors

New Training Locations

  • Discuss in #trainers

What’s missing on Discord?

  • Potential @Mod role to ask moderators questions

User Guide

  • Regan is working on Scenarios and Explanations for the IFATC Guide
  • Explaining different techniques
  • Videos by Tyler on specific situations

Tester Activity

  • Recruiters should add Test Attendance on the site to track attendance and activity
  • Potential work on resolving the issue of Testers not attending Training Sessions
  • Try and give all Testers a chance at attending by not using the test-time ping where possible

Meeting Times

  • Possible new time for meetings as work pics up again
  • Possible 2 shorter meetings
  • Potential Google Drive form for Meeting Minutes
Oskar Lowe is a contributor to the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor, Trainer and Tester.