Misusing Radar Vectors (RV)

June, 10, 2021 by

A trend has been noted for the use of radar vectors as a substitute for a missed approach when an aircraft fails to intercept the localizer for their [ILS approach](https://infiniteflight.com/guide/atc-manual/6.-radar/6.10-instrument-landing-system-(ils). This reinforces poor piloting and cuts corners on the service we provide! If an aircraft fails to intercept they should be issued a new vector back across final or a missed approach to try again. In busy scenarios or following repeat errors controllers may issue a warning or utilize the Failure to complete instrument approach Violation.

Another alternative (if weather supports it) is to quickly advise them to expect the visual, report in sight, and clear. This is the preferred alternative so they have an assigned runway with positive control from ATC.

Tyler Shelton is the ATC Community Manager for Infinite Flight. He is also a real-world civilian air traffic controller with the FAA assigned to Harrisburg International Airport [KMDT].