New Cirrus Cloud Teaser

April, 1, 2021 by

Today we get a new work-in-progress image from the Infinite Flight team showing off the Cirrus cloud layer that are currently in beta testing.

A cloud is a visible combination of water particles or ice crystals, white in appearance due to reflection of white light.

Clouds are classified by both their height above ground and their appearance, comprising 4 main groups. The clouds you can expect in Infinite Flight falls in the High Cloud group. This cloud’s base is above 20 000ft and known by the name Cirro clouds.

Clouds may further be subdivided into individual types according to their appearance. The following is coming to Infinite Flight:

Cirrus (Ci)
Detached clouds of delicate and fibrous appearance, without shading, generally white in colour, often of a silky appearance. (Often referred to as mares tails) They appear in the most varied forms, such as isolated Tufts, lines drawn across the sky, feather-like plumes or curved lines ending in tufts

Juan Oosthuizen is a contributor for the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and real-world PPL student pilot.