New Education Group Weekly Objectives

June, 23, 2022 by

The IFATC Education Group weekly  objectives will allow new or experienced pilots to train their overall ability of flying.

This will consist of a weekly objective that you can try to achieve in order to win some perks. Some of these objectives may be:

  1. Land with 50FPM or lower at a given airport.

  2. Take off in high wind at a given airport.

  3. Do XX patterns in a difficult aircraft.

And many more!

Some of the perks may be:

Extra experience in the IFATC Education Group Server Roles.

A special Instagram Post.

If you are interested, stay tuned for an announcement coming in the server soon!

Matei G. is a writer for the IFATC Education Grouo. He is in multiple VAs, he’s an aviation passionate, he likes helping people out in the whole Infinite Flight Community. He’s grade 3, soon to be 4. He has a lot of things to talk about and likes pancakes!