New writer and a successful AMA

October, 2, 2020 by

We have two accomplishments for this week to share.

One, we added a new writer to our team, Brandon! We’re very excited to have him part of our team and all of the experience he brings. He will introduce himself to you all soon in a post.

Two, last Saturday we had a wildly successful AMA, in a new format on our blog. It took a lot of work to make it possible to host the AMAs on our blog. If you’re unaware with the new format, let me explain. For AMAs a post will be published on our blog the day of the AMA. For 24 hours, from the time the post is published, you will be able to ask our guest questions. The guest will then answer any of the questions asked, live, throughout the day.

To leave a question all you have to do is simply go to the post, then at the bottom there will be a form for you to send in your question.

No signing up. Simple and easy to participate. One on one access with some of the most influential and interesting people in the Infinite Flight community and aviation industry. Wasn’t easy to put together technically.

We have some exciting guests in coming and in the works, one being the Hurricane Hunter team.

Speaking of a new format, we are continuing our Friday tradition of sharing our weekly accomplishments though in this new format, similar to what I just described about the AMAs, on our blog. What did you accomplish this week? Send a message in the form at the bottom of this post.

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