Normal, Utility and Aerobatic

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Airplanes are designed to withstand varying stress loads based on their intended purpose. The FAA certifies aircraft in one of three categories; normal, utility and aerobatic. The maximum load limits for each category are:

  • Normal – +3.8Gs and -1.52Gs;
  • Utility – +4.4Gs and -1.76Gs;
  • Aerobatic – +6Gs and -3Gs.

XCub Operating Limitations notice in the cockpit

That’s why you see warnings within the aircraft of it’s operating limitations. An aircraft flying straight and level at a constant speed is in a steady state where the aircraft’s lift is equal to its weight. Since G-force is calculated by dividing lift by weight, the load, or G-force, in this condition is equal to one (2,500 lbs. lift/2,500 lbs. weight = 1G). Exactly the same G-force as sitting in the hangar.

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