Oshkosh special landing minimums

July, 27, 2019 by

During AirVenture, air traffic controllers have reduced horizontal separation minimums of 1,500 feet between airplanes. Normally, separation minimums are 3,000 feet between aircraft.

To ensure separation is maintained, specific touchdown markers are on the runway, each with their own designated color. Red dot, blue dot, purple dot, ect. Refer to page 10 through 13 of the NOTAM. Pilots should be prepared for a combination of maneuvers that may include a short approach with descending turns, followed by touchdown at a point specified by ATC which may be almost halfway down the runway. In the landing clearance they will be issued the clearance to land at that specific spot and continue their roll out to avoid conflict.

This allows controllers to land up to 3 aircraft at a time on a runway.

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