Posts for an IFATC Officer in training

Here is a list of our favorite posts we’d want anyone that is training to become an IFATC Officer to read.

It can be a difficult journey but an incredibly fulfilling one if you can complete it. We wish you luck in training and if you ever have any questions, feel free to send us a message.

Consistent heading and altitude changes - You won’t realize how helpful consistent heading and altitude instructions can be. This is something I’ve teaches all Radar trainees for years. For example at YSCB, pilots are performing radar patterns for a training session. Runway 35 is in use. Turn right heading 140 at 6000ft, 170 at 6000ft, 250 at 5000ft, 320 clear at … Continue reading Consistent heading and altitude changes
Preparing a radar training - Hello everyone, welcome back to a useful tutorial on the IFATC Training! On this one, I will be more concentrated on how to prepare a radar training for your session when it comes to being in the IFATC Radar Training. You need to be aware that the person who trains you takes time off to … Continue reading Preparing a radar training
The Copy and Paste Strategy - The frequency is available for the taking, but you haven’t prepared to open the airport. Should you open the airport or take your time? Often controllers adopt the copy and paste method of preparation. Spawn in, what has the last person used for altitude choices or ATIS remarks. You need to come to your own … Continue reading The Copy and Paste Strategy
30 Second Marker - The 30 second marker is a projection path line of the aircraft. The length of the line is dependent on the speed of the aircraft. Within 30 seconds, the aircraft will reach the end of this line. One use for the marker is timing heading instructions. If the aircraft maintains their speed and you send … Continue reading 30 Second Marker
Whippage - A technique for Radar, used to clear an aircraft for an ILS Approach when it’s too late to clear them normally, giving them a heading in the clearance that whips them around.
A list of what I check before opening - Before opening, you will need do your due diligence and research in order to properly get acclimated so you can provide the service required. Here’s a list of what I check prior to opening. Approach Plates Airport Diagram VFR Sectionals, you can use a site like to check what types of aircraft fly … Continue reading A list of what I check before opening
Reminder that speed instructions are in IAS - Speed instructions from all controllers are sent in indicated airspeed (IAS) not ground speed (GS).
Don’t give tower your problem - As a radar controller, a main part of our job is to try to not make Tower’s life miserable.
Separation busts and ways to avoid them - Controlling Approach is like baking a cake, it’s all about building up the altitude layers to give you ease of mind. The number one rule of radar, never break separation.
Use the least commands as possible - The main goal while controlling lighten the pilot’s workload by sending the least amount of commands as possible.