Power-On Stall Procedure

June, 22, 2021 by

Here is a comprehensive video that explains how to perform a power-on stall maneuver. After watching the video, here is a checklist to follow, courtesy of the CFI Notebook:

  1. Select an altitude where recovery will occur no lower than 1500′ AGL
  2. Perform clearing turns
  3. Reduce power adjusting pitch to maintain altitude
    • Trim as necessary
  4. Below VLO, extend the landing gear, as required
    • Callout: “Gear Down”
    • Verify gear DOWN and callout “3 Green, No Red
  5. Below VFE, extend the flaps
  6. Advance the propeller control to full forward (high rpm) as required
  7. Maintain altitude until reaching a normal approach speed and then maintain that speed in a stabilized descent
  8. Descending no lower than 200′, simultaneously reduce power to idle and pitch up to Vy attitude (4-5 degrees, cowling on the horizon)
    • This pitch attitude will be a normal landing attitude
    • Above 5 knots, above stall speed the horn will sound
    • Stall may be performed level or with up to 20° bank angles
  9. At the stall, call out “stalling”
  10. Reduce the AoA to regain control
  11. Add full power
  12. Pitch for Vy
    • Glare shield level with the horizon
  13. Maintain coordination using rudder to prevent spins
  14. With a positive rate of climb established:
    • Begin to raise the flaps in 10° increments
    • Below VLO, and with a positive rate of climb established, call out “positive climb, gear up,” and retract the landing gear
    • Note, some aircraft Pilot Operating Handbooks may require flaps be partially retracted before a positive rate of climb is possible
  15. Complete cruise checklist, returning to the altitude, heading, and airspeed required

Trying a procedure like this can be a fun challenge to give yourself in Infinite Flight. The cool part is that the checklist doesn’t have to be altered. The light aircraft, like the C172, have updated flight physics so you’ll be able to replicate this maneuver right now, on your mobile phone or tablet.

References: CFI Notebook

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