Preparing a radar training

March, 13, 2022 by

Hello everyone, welcome back to a useful tutorial on the IFATC Training!

On this one, I will be more concentrated on how to prepare a radar training for your session when it comes to being in the IFATC Radar Training.

You need to be aware that the person who trains you takes time off to do this session so he expects you to also take the time necessary to make a plan for your session.

I was able to learn at the beginning of my sessions that you have to have a solid plan to be sure you can run the session as well as possible. My trainer told me to make plans by flying from different airports around the airport I was controlling that day and to make notes on altitudes, waypoints etc . . . I did and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever learned to fly from as many airports as possible around the airport controller.

One thing that must also be done is to check the various MSA around the controlled airport. The MSA are the minimum Safe altitude at an airport and this help you to know that it is the ground around the airport.

You can always check the website which is a really good source for that.

That’s about all you need to know, when all this is done, relax and wait for your session!

Baptiste Desmet is a writer for IFATC Education Group. He’s going through his radar training to become a radar control. He loves to control and help others in different tasks within the community. He is also IFVARB Board Member and President of Air Belgium Virtual.