Question and Answer with Matei

March, 1, 2022 by

One of the perks of being a writer for the group is that after 3 months of creating posts, you get to have your very own Q&A, so here is mine. Our Discord members got to ask me questions, here are my answers.

What do you plan on writing about in IFATC Education Group?

I plan to write about anything really, from tips to join IFATC, to tips to progress in IFATC, to facts in the real-world aviation.

What are some hobbies of yours outside of Infinite Flight?

I like eating pancakes a lot, also, I just found a hobby which is web development, still in the learning phase, let’s wait and see what I can achieve.

What is your favorite part about Infinite Flight?

The best part of IF in my opinion is this huge community. I have never seen a community this big in any other flight simulators. Amazing what this app has achieved.

What is your favorite aircraft and route?

My favorite aircraft by far is either the A330 or the A220. One is good at landings, the other looks awesome. I don’t have a favorite route, but my favorite destination has to be Kai Tak. Sad it’s closed.

Which airport do you enjoy controlling the most?

I think that’s gonna be Princess Juliana. Such a beautiful airport.

When flying, which of the following approach types do you prefer the most the ILS, GPS, VIS?

That’s gonna be GPS for me because I can stay and do nothing until the very end at 2 miles final.

What is your biggest inspiration within Infinite Flight?

I think the thing that inspires me the most in this community is the virtual airlines. It’s a great way to captivate users and create a system where there would be a purpose in flying. Trying to get on top of the ranks.

Congratulations on your recent promotion to Officer! How has your IFATC experience been so far and what would you say to anyone interested in joining?

My experience overall in IFATC has been awesome, met so many great people, as I said, the community is amazing. Also, this is the best ATC simulation I have ever tried.

For those trying to join I would say that even if they fail multiple times, to not give up whatsoever, even if that is 2 times or 10 times, just keep going and you’ll get there eventually. Also, this can’t be said enough, start small, don’t go to big airports directly!

Thank you all for the questions, really glad to be working with this community and can’t wait to see what it can achieve in the future!

Matei G. is a writer for the IFATC Education Grouo. He is in multiple VAs, he’s an aviation passionate, he likes helping people out in the whole Infinite Flight Community. He’s grade 3, soon to be 4. He has a lot of things to talk about and likes pancakes!