Question and Answer with Ruan Maass

March, 15, 2022 by

Hey there everyone, my name is Ruan! I am the IFATC Newsletter President and am an IFATC Supervisor. I recently had a Q&A with members of the community. I was asked some questions about the IFC, IFATC and aviation! Here are the answers to your questions.

Matei: Why IFATC?

Well it was just me wanting to join a much bigger group. I was already in BAVA and had noticed a lot of IFATC Members I then put in the ATC Chat of the VA how to join and TaipeiGuru responded with a link which sent me to the recruiting topic. I applied and the rest is history!

Matei: Since when do you like Infinite Flight so much?

I personally think having a portable fully fledged flight simulator is incredible! I love being able to fly anywhere at any time! I also love IF for the vast, varied and amazing community of members.

Matei: What are your next goals in the aviation topic?

Right now I am currently in flight school so my next goal is to get my PPL. Watch the space! ?

Baba: What was your feeling once you got promoted to Supervisor?

A surreal feeling. I have always wanted to become a Supervisor and to finally have achieved that goal is something that is monumental for me!

Baba: What do you advise to people who are maybe afraid to enter the process of IFATC?

Just do it! It is amazing process and it is so rewarding. You meat so many amazing people along the way and you form some amazing friendships it is a huge family!

Kyle Boas: What made you decide to create the IFATC Newsletter?

I had a idea one day scrolling through the ATC Section of the community. I saw the IFATC newsletter topic and had realized there had never been a follow up so I decided to contact the previous manager Declan O’Regan and ask if I could take it over and he was more than happy with it! I decided to build a website for it and it has been running ever since with no sign of stopping!

Alexandre: What’s the best memory you keep from your radar training?

The first airport. It was such an amazing experience the whole way out but I will never forget first opening EHGG and vectoring aircraft! I also loved having a great trainer who was always there to help even when I was at my worst.

ShaneH: What keeps you engaged in IFATC?

The community with it. I love being involved in such a big community and that keeps me coming back everyday. I love controlling, granted it is not so often anymore due to school but I still love any time I control as it is such a fun and rewarding experience!

Oliver: What is your favorite aspect of the IFC?

The community itself! The fact that thousands of people can come together for one common interest is amazing. Seeing people take part in different events, joining VA’s, IFATC and more is amazing! If we are going to talk topics then I would have to say the Design your own airline or repaint an existing one thread, I love design and having a place to put out my work is great and makes it feel so rewarding.

MJP_27: What was one of your favorite memories controlling in Infinite Flight?

The day I first controlled as a apprentice! I remembered it was back in mid 2020 and I was so excited that I opened during a free lesson I had at school. It was a small airport as I remember the theme was GA. It was so great to see people come through and fly some patterns.

Daniel_Steinman: Who/what is your biggest inspiration in Infinite Flight?

The supervisor team. I have always again strived to become a IFATC Supervisor and to become one was a dream come true! They are still a inspiration to me. Another inspiration is the Airport Editing Team they work tirelessly sometimes over 120+ hours to give us these detailed airport for us to enjoy. I applaud all of them for that.

Thank you all for the questions!

Editor’s Note: Thank you everyone for the awesome questions and thank you to Ruan for answering!

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Ruan Maass is an editor for the IFATC Education Group. He is the IFATC Newsletter President and an IFATC Supervisor. He currently resides in South Africa with a second home in the Kingdom of Bahrain.