Question and Answer with Scott Bateman

March, 5, 2022 by

Credit: National Geographic (Background image)

Editors Note: The members in our Discord got the chance to ask our guest, Scott Bateman, questions and here we’ll be sharing both the questions, and who it’s from, and the answer.

Scott is a real-world C130, BN2, 747 and A350 pilot.

He produced “The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress”, which debuted on National Geographic featuring the special made Air Force One livery on the B747 in Infinite Flight for the documentary.

He is also a co-host of The Layover on YouTube and Owner of 9-Line Media.

Baba: How did you become a pilot, what type of training did you follow?

I trained to be a pilot in the AIr Force and followed the route to fly the C-130 as I am not a fan of aerobatics and going upside down.

Matei: What inspired you to become an airline pilot?

It was a natural progression from my role as a pilot within the military and the lifestyle that being a longhaul pilot affords me, means that I can do other things on the side.

Baba: What was your first impression onboard your first flight?

I was petrified and overwhelmed all at once. I had completely forgotten all of my training momentarily.

Baba: Which aircraft did you enjoyed the most?

I enjoyed flying the Boeing 747 the most, it is an iconic aircraft and one I loved flying across the globe.

Othman_Asli: What has been your best moment in your entire career?

I think your first solo in an aircraft is something that you never forget and I will remember that day as long as I live. A very proud moment.

Raafa, GHAZB and MJP_27: Are there any tips for us, the ones that want to get their private pilots license or start a career in aviation?

I think getting a good solid foundation in physics and maths is something that every pilot should try to achieve. I would also say that you should try and get involved in your local flying club and helping out around there. You’d be surprised what opportunities will arise if you volunteer to help others.

Daniel Steinman: Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I take my inspiration from my friends and family. They are the foundation that guides me as I go through life and my friends will always tell me when i am being an idiot. Something which is valuable whatever you are doing.

Sanket: How was your experience flying the Queen of the Skies?

Flying the QOTS is an absolute privilege. I flew the aircraft for 12-years and everyday was like the excitement of the first. Flying it was a joy but taxiing the behemoth around some often smaller airfields was a the biggest challenge. You are actually sitting about 3 stories up when you are taxiing and it can be difficult to judge your speed and distance from things.

Captain_Dreamliner: Any new aircraft you’re looking forward for flying next?

I have just started flying the Airbus A350-1000 and I think that this will be the last commercial aircraft that I fly. I am really enjoying the new challenge but at 50, I think it will be the last commercial course I will ever do. I do want to fly a Westland Lysander though, it has been a dream of mine for many years.

Captain_Dreamliner: What was the longest flight you have flown?

The longest single flight would be in a C-130 from Alaska to the UK and involved air to air refuelling. It was part of an exercise and was 17 hours. However, more recently I have been involved in relief flights where we fly to India and back from London with extended crews and this is over 20 hours in an aircraft.

Captain_Dreamliner: Whats the most exciting destination you have flown to?

San Diego is always a great airport to fly into and the views are spectacular. It is also a pretty short airfield for a big wide body like the 747.

Andy_R: Since you’ve flown the A359 and B744, in your opinion which is better, Airbus or Boeing?

I fly the A35K, but I wold say that both are great at what they are designed for. I enjoy flying both for different reasons.

Erik Popescu: In the summer I’ll be moving on in life to the Air Force Academy. What was your journey to flying the C130 like and if you had the opportunity, would you choose to fly something different?

Erik, congratulations and good luck at the AF Academy. I loved my time on the C-130 as it is the only aircraft that is involved in every aspect of any conflict. From Spec Ops, through to humanitarian relief, the Herc is the workhorse. I wouldn’t have chosen differently.

Lawim: What would you recommend for someone who wants to be a commercial pilot to do after finishing high school? Any particular thing someone could do in high school to prepare themselves to become a pilot?

I would recommend anything that focusses on maths and physics is going to stand you in good stead. I would focus on getting a good degree as aviation is subject to volatility and you may find yourself needing a fallback career. Always having a plan B is good and a great degree will assist with that.

Kyle Boas: Could you tell us the story of how you convinced National Geographic to include Infinite Flight’s B747 in The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress documentary?

It was easy, I was the producer and Laura is a great friend of mine. Perhaps more of this coming later in the year as we focus on making some great TV about other aircraft milestones. It looked great, didn’t it!

Editor Note: We’d like to thank Scott for taking the time to answer our questions. If you’d like to get the chance to ask our next guests a question, join our Discord!