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Hello, my name is Victor and I am the founder and owner of the VASAviation brand – Youtube channel and other social media platforms with more than 450,000 subscribers and followers.

AviationChampion: What’s his favorite game/flight sim to play?

I have used Microsoft Flight Simulator since I was 6 years old. I have also tried Prepar3D.

Matei and Baba: What got you interested in YouTube and making the type of content you make?

I started filming airplanes and then decided to transcribe ATC audios to help others understand what’s going on on the frequencies.

AviationZy: ATC or pilot?

I am a professional pilot myself. I love ATC as well but am not planning to become one.

CaptainAftab: How to become a successful YouTuber in the field of aviation?

Hard work and constancy, of course.

Baba: What keeps you doing videos about this subject in particular?

I love what I do and everyday new people are grateful for the job that I do so I’m happy to help.

AviationCooper: What is it like to be a famous YouTuber?

I don’t consider myself famous at all.

Chris_Hoss and XY_Magic: How do you discover all these small hiccups over frequency?

Right now most of the news and audio clips I receive via email from followers.

CondorCV: Do you have a favorite airline livery?

I love the ANA A380 turtle paints or the Pokemon one.

Yembolit19: How long does it take to finish making a video?

Depends on the length of it but probably 10 hours on average per video.

Ansoni: How do you manage to edit and retrieve all the recordings in such a short amount of time after the incident (or moment) happens?

Spending most of my free time in front of the computer.

Captain Ali and MJP_27: If you had to choose one video to stay on your channel and the others has to go, which one would it be, what is your favorite?

Very hard to decide. Probably one with a happy ending or one that I appear on.

What are some highlights of the journey that you took to get to where you are today?

I have attended some conferences to talk about my career as a pilot and Youtuber and it was definitely very special.

Daniel Steinman: Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

I have had many people supporting me during the years and many pilots to follow steps.

Daniel Steinman: In your opinion, what is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get all your ratings in with the goal of becoming an airline pilot?

I followed the modular course so that is the only way I can talk about.

Daniel Steinman: What is the best training prop in your opinion?

Hope and sacrifice. Never give up.

.ben: Which frequency has the most incidents from your experience?

The frequency which is more likely to have more planes per hour.

Razor 1978 – Jiri: Which airport has most emergency situations?

I don’t have the statistics but whichever with the most flight activity.

IDontKnowAName: Funniest emergency you have covered on your videos?

An emergency is never funny but…

Maverick21: What aviation movies have you watched and what is your favorite?

I have watched many but the one I’ve watched most is Sully.

Maverick21: If you were to fly anywhere, where would it be and why?

Buy me a free ticket and I would love to fly to Lukla just for the landing.

Kyle Boas: How many people behind the scenes does it take to make a video, is it just you or how many collaborate with you?

It is just me editing, but it’s many followers sending me information or audio.

Kyle Boas: Have you ever used or heard of Infinite Flight?

I have heard of it but never tried it.

soorajmusic: What’s the funniest/craziest flight you’ve done as a pilot where something unusual or unexpected happened?

One of my first flights as a safety pilot years ago we had to circle the airport for 55 minutes due to a disabled aircraft blown tire on the runway. We were tense for the fuel but made it.

IF787: What ATC program or simulator do you use to recreate the incidents in your videos?

We developed our own which is still in development to recreate the real ATC screens worldwide.

Editors Note: We’d like to thank all of you for the questions and Victor for taking the time to answer all of them. You can check out an archive of all of our previous Q&A’s and upcoming ones here. Our Q&A’s happen in our Discord so join to ask our next guest a question!

VASAviation is the founder and owner of the VASAviation brand – Youtube channel and other social media platforms with more than 450,000 subscribers and followers.