Question and Answer with Sebastian Schyllberg

January, 25, 2022 by

Thank you all for the questions, some of them gave me some really fun flashbacks!

What do you do for Infinite Flight currently?

My primary tasks consist of providing technical support via e-mail but also via other channels, as well as replying to the written reviews our users leave on the App Store & Google Play Store.

What did you do before becoming a staff member?

Within Infinite Flight? Very similar to what many of the rest within the team did actually. Started off as a regular user, then i ended up in IFATC and eventually Moderator.

What does your daily work consist of?

The day to day tasks are pretty much the same – e-mails, reviews, topics. I wake up in the morning, check Slack to see if anything has been going on during the night, then Zendesk (our support platform) on my phone and reply to the basic emails. Then turn on my computer, and continues from there. Reply to e-mails, check the store reviews and replies to them and so forth. These things come & go during the entire day. I’m not seated behind the desk all the time. It’s quite flexible, which is why you may find me working early in the morning as well as in the middle of the night.

How much time do you put into Infinite Flight a week?

In terms of flying, way too little these days. Work – like any other job I’d say.

Why Infinite Flight?

I could go on here for quite some time – but one of the most basic things that led to me sticking with Infinite Flight was & always will be the Community. The number of friends I’ve made through Infinite Flight, even close ones, wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

Do you know how to code?

From a scale of 1-10. I’d give myself a 2. 1,5 perhaps. I did take a Java class a few years back, so I’m pretty serious when it comes to writing a “Hello world” program. But I’m not much better than that. I used to be a beast at mIRC scripting back in the days though. I don’t expect many to remember what that is though. But the Java class I did take helped me understand code I’m reading fairly well.

What’s the funniest support question you’ve ever answered?

It’s been 4(!) years now. There’s been so many. But one that came quite early, was from someone who asked for their violations to be removed as the user had to rush away and help it’s brother that just fell out of a tree. I’m sure there’s more, but that just one of those that keeps popping up. Had one guy ask us to buy a computer for him just a while back too, that was, unorthodox.

What can we do to make your job easier?

Learn that clearing scenery cache isn’t the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. That and always use the Support FAQ as the baseline for your answers when trying to help others.

Do you have a memorable blunder in a flight or controlling session from your time using Infinite Flight?

Was this asked by RTG113? Bet it was. He never lets me forget that time when flew around Canada in a Dash8, then after numerous stops approached an airport he controlled as my final one. Of course I forgot to do that one thing you need to do, extend the landing gear. So there I was, flat on my belly in the middle of the runway.

Outside of your job, what are some of your passions or hobbies you have that seem to be unique or interesting that you are willing to share?

Music, family & EVs right now. Oh, and gaming.

Do you still stream Fortnite?

Yes. There’s not much Fortnite these days though. Mostly VALORANT. But the new Fortnite chapter have shown a lot of promise, so I might be heading back into that.

Where are you from?

Sweden. You know that place where Polar Bears on the street are as common as cars?

What is your favorite place to visit in Sweden?

The more up north the better. The surroundings are absolutely stunning up there.

Do you still not believe in version numbers?

I remember this. But I don’t remember why. So whoever asked this has been around for quite some time. Remind me!

Do you use IKEA furniture and what are your thoughts on their meatballs?

The only furniture we have here that isn’t from IKEA, is the kitchen table. Their meatballs are the best. I could have them for breakfast, lunch & dinner every day.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Nah. Sorry but it tends to get rather cheesy with things like that in my opinion.

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Sebastian Schyllberg is the head of technical support and forum management for Infinite Flight.