Reacting to Instrument Procedures Coming To Infinite Flight

May, 22, 2020 by

You heard right, real world Instrument Procedures will be coming to Infinite Flight. Approaches, SIDs, STARs with more advanced flight planning that includes the addition of VNAV. With the addition of all of this also comes some exciting ATC features. We’re going to react to all of that in this post.

Coming in the next app update will be a global database of real-world nav data including all SIDs, STARs, and approaches.

This is significant because with real-world global data means that we’ll be able to plan in and execute a real-world approach without any additional flight planning, all within the app. It’s amazing that it’s global because that means that as ATC, we’ll be able to use these procedures at almost every airport we control.

Infinite Flight pilots will now be able to add a STAR and/or approach to their flight plan. Waypoints contained in those procedures will show minimum altitudes over which the aircraft will fly them. This is where VNAV comes in. Enabling the VNAV feature will allow the aircraft to start a comfortable descent to comply with procedure requirements.

Pilots will also be able to manually set altitudes for waypoints.

The fact VNAV for descent is being added is important. You’ll be able to focus on other more important thing in the more complex aircraft which will lighten your workload as a pilot. Being able to add a STAR to your flight plan is going to open so many doors for ATC. The IFATC team will receive several briefings before the release to ensure everyone is on the same page for how it will work, but it seems from what we’re reading that a lot will change for ATC. It has already been confirmed that there will be many new ATC features.

An important thing to note is that it will still be entirely up to the pilot to ensure proper speeds are flown during each phase of flight, even in the descent with VNAV enabled.

Translation seems to be that speed will not be included in this iteration of VNAV, only descent guidance was announced. We’ll see if that changes before the release.

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