Realism While Controlling

September, 2, 2021 by

Whenever you open a frequency at an airport, do you ever take note of or enforce realistic procedures that are in use by the airport itself? If not, here are some neat ways to get more information about an airport’s specific procedures.


Firstly, FlightRadar24 is a great place to start. Find your airport and see the real-time traffic levels as well as runway usage or any other procedures to take note of such as noise abatement, runway closures, or single runway usage at major airports. Utilizing FR24 will greatly increase the realism in your ATIS.


For major airports in the USA, an FAA D-ATIS website is available which displays all ATIS information for any given major US airport. Visit for real-time US airport ATIS information regarding relevant airfield information.


Additionally, listening to an airport’s ATIS frequency online can provide you with realistic operation information. This can be done via and many other ATC streaming websites.


Lastly, do your research! If none of these sources prove to be helpful, turn to your resources. Research about a specific procedure you may be curious about. Look for charts, videos, or even the airport website for more information.


If it is not hindering your controlling service, the use of realistic procedures is totally acceptable, but also optional. If you do decide to go the extra mile, however, your controlling will be in tip-top shape while following the real-world operations of your selected airfield.


Suhas is a writer for the IFATC Education Group. He is a long time Infinite Flight user, IFATC Officer and Tester. In the real world, he’s a student pilot on both glider and powered aircraft. He's also an IFVARB Board Member.