Resolving incidents with other pilots

September, 29, 2021 by

When pushing back, taxiing, taking off, or even in flight, multiple events can happen, conflicts. Go arounds, poor spacing at cruise, etc. Maybe they forced you to go around or went in front of you on hold short and cut you. This can happen, it’s all part of aviating. We all just have to work as a team towards the same goal.

You do have a handy tool at your disposal though to help resolve any minor issues you have with other pilots. To clarify why something occurred and maybe come to a resolution where you both can learn from it.

You can message them on the Infinite Flight Community forum.

  • Open the map
  • Tap on the user’s airplane icon
  • Tap on “Show Information”
  • Copy down their Infinite Flight Community Forum Username
  • Go to

When you’re there, search for there username and message them nicely and discuss about the problem professionally, don’t directly say that it was his fault, maybe you did something wrong too and didn’t realize.

Mistakes and incidents can and will happen and you’d be surprised how receptive people can be to having a dialogue.

Matei G. is a writer for the IFATC Education Grouo. He is in multiple VAs, he’s an aviation passionate, he likes helping people out in the whole Infinite Flight Community. He’s grade 3, soon to be 4. He has a lot of things to talk about and likes pancakes!