Respect Your Trainer

March, 4, 2022 by

When you enter IFATC recruiting for local or radar training, chances are you’ll end up getting a trainer for assistance. These trainers help you on your merry way into your role within the team.

When you do end up getting a trainer or asking for one, please be respectful of them as they do go out of their way to take time out of their day to teach you and your peers how to control professionally and efficiently.

Be open to feedback from them as their feedback makes you a better controller and as a famous person once said: “Use your words.”

Kush Shelat (Adventures), is a high school graduate with an associates degree in General Studies. He is an IFATC Specialist who will start college at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology majoring in Commercial Aviation. He enjoys spending time talking about Aviation and Aviation news and flying in Infinite Flight exploring new places.