Ryan Epps

I’m an IFATC Education Group Writer, a role I’ve held since 2019. I’m also a commercial pilot, flight instructor, and help run the Airport Editing Team, currently as an Airport Editing Manager.

I help to create posts on a wide range of topics, everything from aircraft systems to flight regulations to tips to improve your flying.

Outside of Infinite Flight, I am lucky enough to spend my days flying real airplanes.

  • BS in Professional Flight from Purdue University
  • Commercial Pilot – Instrument Airplane, Airplane Single & Multiengine Land
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Airplane Single & Multiengine, Instrument Airplane
  • Ground Instructor – Basic, Advanced, Instrument
  • Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

I utilize those skills to help teach future pilots both in real life and through Infinite Flight. For me, I still keep trying to learn as much about flying as possible. I’m always available to answer a question about flying or controlling.