SIDs and something to keep in mind with “Straight Out Departures” in ATIS

January, 8, 2021 by

With the advent of SIDs (Standard Instrument Departure Procedures) comes more flexibility with how Tower handles departures.

3.2.9 — SIDs often involve turns away from the airport shortly after departure; due to this, if “Straight Out Dept.” is being utilized, Controllers should note that this may prevent pilots from flying the selected SID

Before we had SIDs in-app we had to account for the fact that pilots may not have a SID in their flight plan.

The way you can check if a pilot has a SID in their flight plan is either to.

A) Tap on the aircraft and view their flight plan to see if it includes a SID.
B) Tap on the aircraft, tap show information then read their pilot information to see if they have a SID included.

Now we can check if pilots include a SID into their flight plan which would ensure proper separation, removing the need to include “Straight Out Dept.” in ATIS.

Reference: 3.2.9 Infinite Flight ATC Manual

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