Aircraft Size Table

Here is a quick reference guide for aircraft size that you can use for aircraft restrictions.

This should not be the only resource you reference before opening an airport, and just serves as a guide.

ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code

Code Letter Wingspan Outer main gear wheel span
A <15m <4.5m
B 15m but <24m 4.5m but <6m
C 24m but <36m 6m but <9m
D 36m but <52m 9m but <14m
E 52m but <65m 9m but <14m
F 65m but <80m 14m but <16m

Aircraft List

Aircraft ICAO
Cessna 172??? A
Cirrus SR22 A
F-14 A
F-16? A
F/A 18? A
F-22? A
Spitfire? A
TBM?-930 A
XCub? A
A-10? B
Cessna 208? B
Cessna Citation X?? B
Bombardier CRJ B
P-38? B
Airbus A318 C
Airbus A319 C
Airbus A320 C
Airbus A321 C
Boeing 717-200 C
Boeing 737-700 C
Boeing 737-800 C
Boeing 737-900 C
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 C
Embraer E170 C
Embraer E175 C
Embraer E190 C
Embraer 195 C
Boeing 757-200 D
Boeing 767-300 D
C-17 Globemaster III D
C-130 Hercules D
MD11/DC10 D
Airbus A330-200 E
Airbus A330-300 E
Airbus A340-600 E
Airbus A350-900 E
Boeing 747-200 E
Boeing 777-200 E
Boeing 777-200F E
Boeing 777-300 E
Boeing 787-8 E
Boeing 787-9 E
Boeing 787-10 E
A380-800 F
Boeing 747-8 F

We will be iterating upon this list and adding more pertinent information.