Standard 45° Procedure Turn

September, 7, 2020 by

The standard 45° procedure turn is one of many course reversal maneuvers, used when approach procedures do not permit straight-in approaches unless radar vectored.


  1. Start timing at A for 2 minutes from A to B. [see figure here]
  2. At B, turn 45° (standard rate). After roll-out, fly 1 minute to C.
  3. At C, turn 180°.
  4. At completion of turn, time 45 seconds from D to E.
  5. Start turn at E for 45° change of heading to reciprocal of heading at beginning of maneuver.

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Luca Caviness is an editor for the IFATC Education Group and an IFATC Supervisor. He is also a real-world student pilot.