‘STAR use Rcmd/Req’ ATIS remarks added

July, 5, 2020 by

Did you ever see the words “Recommended arrival procedures….” or/and “Use of Arrival procedures Recommended” in ATIS? That’s a new ATIS remark that can now be added:

    STARs Rcmd (Recommended)
    STARs Req (Required)
  • With these options the controller will be adding a good amount of STARs to ATIS, it may be required, as the one ATIS option suggests that the the pilot would need to add one of the preferred STARs into their flight plan.

    That means whenever you want to fly to an active airport, read the D-ATIS then listen to ATIS when in range, then check what the preferred STARs are that are in use so you can plan ahead. That will help the controllers to keep the traffic flow very smooth and will help the pilot also to reach his/her destination as soon as possible.

  • The preferred STARs are chosen by the ATIS controller but the radar controllers always have the final say when it comes to what STARs will be preferred.

    For the controllers, don’t forget when to use the recommended or the required remarks. Only use required when the traffic is busy, otherwise it’s just the recommended. We service the pilots so accommodating aircraft not on a published procedure is encouraged if traffic is low enough to warrant that.

  • Reference: 4.1 of the ATC Manual
  • Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More