How to submit your video

The videos we publish on our YouTube channel are made by controllers like you, who want to share your experiences with our audience to help controllers new and old.

If you’d like to contribute your own videos, this page will serve as a guide to you as a contributor to the IFATC Education Group. You record, edit and submit your video, we’ll publish and promote it on our YouTube channel, blog and social media.


The videos we publish fall under two categories, time-lapses and live screen recordings. We will not edit the video for you, you will need to edit the video yourself to submit it. It is quite a simple process if you have never made one, here is a basic how-to of what you’d need to include in the video.


  1. Add the intro to the beginning of the video
  2. Screen record the replay
  3. Crop out ATC log, detail box in top left corner, and any notifications.
  4. Speed up the screen recording to a good speed, not too fast, not too slow
  5. Add music from YouTube audio library. Music used must be royalty free.
  6. Add the outro to the end of the video

When it’s done it should look like this.

Bonus: Creative videos

We’re open to any ideas outside of the traditional time-lapses and live screen recordings you see on our YouTube channel. Be as creative as you’d like, you have creative control.

Live Screen Recording

  1. Add the intro to beginning of the video
  2. Crop out any notifications

When finished it should look like this.

Importance of Aspect Ratio

The preferred aspect ration for our videos is outlined by YouTube.

You will need to add a border to the top and bottom or the left or right of the video, depending on if it was shot on a tablet or smartphone. For the intro and outro, that uses the correct aspect ratio, don’t alter that.


When you are finished editing, fill out the form below and submit the video. We will review it and then notify you when it has been approved to be published. If there needs to be any adjustments we may need to ask you to resubmit your video.

  • You can select multiple.
  • Please reference the four-digit ICAO code for the airport.
  • We will make a blog post for this video under your name, as a contributor. What would you like it to say? Try to describe your session in as much detail as you’d like or can. We would recommend writing in a separate place so you do not loose your progress if the page refreshes, then copy and paste it into the field below when you are done..

If you have any issues or questions email us at [email protected].