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November, 14, 2021 by


Beginning your IFATC recruiting journey is sometimes confusing and you can make bad decisions. In this post, I will try to suggest to you the best way you can achieve this incredible milestone of being in the IFATC team as fast and as efficient as possible.

To start with, I’m sure you’ve heard this many times but trust me, it’s worth it at the end, read the manual! The IFATC manual will be your best friend through the journey and it will help you a ton if you know it perfectly.
Before doing your written test, don’t ever hesitate to do practice tests, and based on the questions that you got wrong, ask your recruiter about it and he will happily explain.
You have trained a ton and think you are ready for your written. Great! Tell this to your recruiter and he will give you the necessary info.
A quick tip: when you start your written, bring a pen and paper s you can draw different scenarios and it will help you better understand the questions! Also, bring a glass of water because sometimes, it could get stressful.
If you failed your first test, don’t panic, ask your recruiter for help, ask some questions to get better, and when you think you are ready again, take the written one more time!

You have passed your written and that’s wonderful news, now is the next step, your recruiter will give you 3 options:
1. Take the practical test now.
2. Train for your practical test on your own by doing tracking threads.
3. Ask for a trainer which can train you to become as ready as there can.

I strongly suggest you pick the third option even if you think you are very ready. The trainer will make sure that you are perfectly prepared for your practical. Same as the recruiter, ask the trainer questions that you are unsure about, take his feedback and his advice! Once the trainer thinks that you are ready, you will need to let your previous recruiter know that you are now ready for the final test.
Once you begin the test, don’t stress, take your time, no one is going to fail you if you took a bit more time than usual. Taking a bit more time is often better than rapidly giving incorrect commands.
If you failed your first time, don’t give up, ask your trainer for tips and once he thinks that you are ready again you can take the test once more.
Hopefully, you passed this one, if you did, welcome to the IFATC team! We are happy to have you here.
I hope this post helped you on your IFATC journey!

Matei G. is a writer for the IFATC Education Grouo. He is in multiple VAs, he’s an aviation passionate, he likes helping people out in the whole Infinite Flight Community. He’s grade 3, soon to be 4. He has a lot of things to talk about and likes pancakes!