Teardrop Procedure Turn

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When a teardrop procedure turn is depicted on an approach procedure and a course reversal is required, unless otherwise authorized by ATC, this type of procedure must be executed.

The teardrop procedure turn consists of a departure from an IAF (Initial Approach Fix) on the published outbound course followed by a turn toward and intercepting the inbound course at or prior to the intermediate fix or point. Its purpose is to permit an aircraft to reverse direction and lose considerable altitude within reasonably limited airspace. When no fix is available to mark the beginning of the intermediate segment, it shall be assumed to commence at a point 10nm prior to the FAF (Final Approach Fix).

We’ll use the ILS or LOC RWY 18 approach into KLNX, as an example to practice on. When you reach the LINCOLN (LNK) VOR, enter a standard-rate turn for 30 degree change of heading. Time one minute from LNK to JUSAM. At JUSAM, enter a standard-rate turn for a 210 degree change of heading, rolling-out on the reciprocal of the original entry heading.

If you are a visual person, here is a lengthy discussion about Procedure Turns.

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