The Azul Rosa Livery

September, 18, 2021 by

With the 21.5 update and the addition of the A330-900neo to the Infinite Flight fleet comes the addition of the Azul livery to the aircraft. Azul, based out of São Paulo, now features the A330neo, E195, and A320 in Infinite Flight. However, the A330-900neo features not only the standard blue colors of the Brazilian carrier, but the pink special livery known as “Rosa”.

The history of this livery goes back over a decade to when Azul took delivery of an Embraer E195, registration PR-AYO, in the pink livery. However, this livery has since been removed and serves as a cargo aircraft. In October 2018, the airline took delivery of an A320neo in the pink livery, registration PR-TRS. Today, the airline prepares to take delivery of the A330neo in the livery, as registration PR-ANV continues testing at the Airbus facility in Toulouse, France. 

Since 2011, Azul has participated in the Pink October campaign, a program that aims to raise awareness about the prevention of breast cancer. As these aircraft fly across South America and the world, they spread awareness of a disease that took the lives of over 600,000 people globally in 2020.


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