The Dip

August, 4, 2021 by ,

From Seth Godin:

Asking the question, the one I get asked the most, “how do I know if it’s a dip or a dead end?” is the wrong question, just as asking, “how do I know if it’s remarkable?” isn’t the key to the Purple Cow. No, the key insight is to ask the question, not to know the answer in advance. Asking yourself, “is this something that will respond to guts, effort and investment?” helps you decide whether or not this is where you can commit. And then, if you do commit, you’re not browsing, you’re in it.

The leader who is struggling with inactivity within their virtual organization. The radar trainee who continues to have terrain separation busts in training. The local trainee who just failed their final IFATC theory attempt. Are you in a dip or at a dead end?

The Dip by Seth, my favorite book of all time, is a book I’d highly recommend anyone read, that you can apply to almost any difficult conflict when you’re at a crossroad. Quick check every once and a while and then you’re off, more focused then ever.

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More