The LA Special Flight Rules Area

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If anyone knows me, they’d know I love stuff like this.

Of the 40 designated blocks of Class B airspace in America, only a few approve VFR flyways adjacent to the major airport. VFR flyways offer a more direct path for VFR traffic to navigate through. KLAX is one of them.

The FAA established the LAX Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) directly above LAX, a VFR corridor with two designated altitudes, 4,500 feet northwest bound and 3,500 feet southeast bound. Visual

In the real world, standard procedure is to announce position and direction on 128.55 MHz, a frequency specific for the flyway, flying at 3,500 feet southeast bound and 4,500 feet northwest bound. The route is further defined by the Santa Monica VOR 312/132-degree radial. Aircraft are instructed to operate with all lights on and to squawk 1201 while in the corridor. To keep traffic reasonably in trail, speed in the corridor is limited to 140 knots.

I discovered this in this awesome video of someone flying the route. It’s very cool.

You could do this procedure in Infinite Flight if you requested a transition, being that transitions would be approved from 2500ft MSL to 5000ft MSL. Also, with the update to the navigation, you can tune to the Santa Monica VOR.

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