Tips to help you for radar training

November, 11, 2021 by

Are you in radar training and would love to know how you can prepare better for sessions?

The first step of preparation is to gather your MSA’s (Minimum Safe Altitudes) as most of your sessions will contain terrain. Without those, how will you know how high an aircraft should climb to avoid a bust with terrain? The second step is to draw out a plan. This includes drawing out ILS intercept headings, MSA’s, climb altitudes for the downwind, and anything else you may need to keep the pilots safe, separated, and to help you be more efficient.

Last but not least, FOLLOW YOUR PLAN! If you make a plan, it would be highly beneficial to you if you kept following your plan instead of just going with the flow as things can get pretty disorganized.

AviationChampion is a writer for the IFATC Education Group. He lives in the United States currently residing in Ohio. He loves to control busy airports in his free time and work on things to keep himself busy. His favorite things to do include dirt biking, ATV riding, going to the beach, spotting airplanes at his local airport (KCMH), zip-lining and flying on Infinite Flight.