Trainer Appreciation Day Recap

April, 25, 2022 by

Trainer Appreciation Day has officially come to an end, and it was remarkable how so many people came together to honor our trainers and all that they do for us.
The training airports used in the events were packed to capacity, and some people even noted that it felt like a FNF!

In our Trainer Panel that took place in the IFATC Education Group Discord Server, Trainers and community members came together to join in a discussion highlighting the importance of our training team.

The panel began with opening remarks by the Hosts, Daniel Steinman and Kyle Boas, followed by Tyler Shelton, our ATC Manager.

It then continued with an introduction of our training team panelists. Those panelists included LordWizrak, Rhys_V, TaipeiGuru, Syncline, Firecracker and DannyHL. Special guests like Drummer and Thunderbolt also joined as speakers.
Following the introductions, the Q&A session commenced, allowing all participants to ask a question to our panelists live.

The live event then concluded with some final remarks from Tyler, Kyle, and Daniel.

A big thanks to the entire IFATC team and Infinite Flight for making this event as memorable and enjoyable as it was for everyone!

IFATC Trainers, on behalf of the entire Infinite Flight Community, we thank you!

Daniel Steinman is a writer for the IFATC Education Group and loves to control the skies of Infinite Flight! He also loves flying to various airports on many aircraft throughout the world! He is always open to chat about aviation or to answer any questions you may have!