Trainer Appreciation Day

April, 24, 2022 by

Join us today in our Discord at 18:00 UTC for a live panel discussion with our ATC Manager Tyler Shelton and a number of IFATC Trainers.

Trainers will reflect on their journey and share words of advice to the community.


  • Hosts: Daniel Steinman and Kyle Boas
  • Guests: Tyler Shelton, LordWizark, RhysV, TaipeiGuru, ToasterStroodie, Syncline, Levi_Park and lucaviness.

We will feature a question and answer session during the discussion, where you can ask them questions live.

Join here.

Daniel Steinman is a writer for the IFATC Education Group and loves to control the skies of Infinite Flight! He also loves flying to various airports on many aircraft throughout the world! He is always open to chat about aviation or to answer any questions you may have!