Kyle Boas

Hello, my name is Kyle Boas, I founded this group back in December 2017. My role here is to manage the entire group, everything that’s produced that you read or watch is put through me. I help create and produce the content for our blog, social media and videos.

Additionally, I am an IFATC Supervisor, helping assist the expert ATC team with day-to-day operations and moderate the servers. I am part of the ATC Appeals team, helping resolve violation appeals. I hold a role as a part of the Infinite Flight Aviation Experts Upper-Management, a team made of a select group of expert pilots. I am a beta tester for various apps, helping developers squash bugs.

You may know me from the Infinite Flight Community Forum as @Trio, that is my username. Why is it my username? On Twitter I created 3 private lists. One was called “informative”, the other “innovative” and the last one was called “inventive”. When I would follow someone I would add them to the list that applied to them; if they did not get added to 2 of the three lists I would unfollow them. I thought back to my Twitter account and I always strive to be innovative, informative and inventive so I googled a synonym for three and chose the word trio. Plus I thought it sounded cool, and it was available. It can morph into a bunch of different meanings.

Believe it or not, I do not have any aviation background, none. I have a love for aviation just like you and have a passion to share what I learn with those who want to learn. I have been flying in the Infinite Flight skies for around three years and have gone from someone with no aviation knowledge, to a space where I feel that I know more then the average user. Take that as inspiration for you if you want to learn more and expand your knowledge about aviation.

You never stop learning, learn along with me. If you have just a general question that you’d like answered ask here or you can contact me directly at [email protected].