Unnecessary make left/right traffic instructions in clearances

January, 2, 2020 by

A very basic concept to understand at the local position (tower, ground and ATIS) is when it’s appropriate to use make left or right traffic in option clearances. As the ATC Manual states:

6.4.2 – If the aircraft has already been instructed to make left/right traffic from the initial take-off clearance or the previous landing clearance, then the use of ‘make left/right traffic’ is no longer required to be used as it is assumed the pilot will continue with this pattern unless told otherwise. If the pilot is given a new pattern entry or new runway, when clearing for the option, you must tell the pilot whether to make left/right traffic.

It would be redundant to send a make left or right traffic instruction in the option clearance if the pilot is not given a new pattern entry or new runway.

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