Upcoming potential grade requirements changes

December, 3, 2019 by

December 2 — Here is a brief quote from Misha Camp, Infinite Flight Staff Social Media and Community Management, on some potential grade changes that are in consideration.

Just to update everyone on a little bit of progress for this:

Grade 3
We have almost finished finalising new requirements for these. There will likely be a few substantial increases.

Grade 4 and 5
There will be some overlap between the new Grade 3 and the current Grade 4/5. This means we now need to work on changing these before we can enact the Grade 3 changes.

New Requirements
We are most likely going to add a few new requirements, and possibly remove one or two current ones. The idea is to streamline this and make it as easy as possible to understand. We may also show the full grade table again.

Other Changes
Alongside this, we are currently working on changing a few things such as TFRs and violations. These are currently in the process of being considered from a feasibility perspective before they are worked on further and may either not make it to any RTM build, or will may come after grade changes.

Please note this is all a WIP and subject to change before release.

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