Update on the new grade requirements

December, 29, 2019 by

December 23 – Earlier this month we told you about some new requirement changes that would be coming to Infinite Flight. Here’s some more news from the December 2019 edition of the IFATC Newsletter.

New expert server requirements have been on our radar for a while now. Global brought and increased ability to earn XP and flight time more easily, and it is now important to be able to reflect this in the requirements suitably despite the minor tweaks in the past.

The new changes include general increases all round, but also the addition of new requirements, the specifics of which are still being finalised. They will likely include violation counts over increased times. Alongside these new changes, we are currently investigating the feasibility of new violations themselves, ones such as ones for excessive vertical speeds in unsuitable aircraft. Please note that these are firmly just an idea for now and have a high chance of not making it into the simulator.

To make these changes fair, we are basing them against averages we have found amongst sample groups. We then put each current requirement next to 3 proposed changes on a low/medium/high level and selected the most suitable given the situation. This means that we can more specifically target the common issues on the expert server by tailoring specific requirements.

We will change Grade 4 and 5 at the same time to make sure they are balanced with Grade 3 changes.

We believe that these changes will help promote good behaviour on the expert server so that all users can experience an enjoyable and realistic flight on the simulator.

References: IFATC Newsletter – December 2019 Edition

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More