Utilizing ATC Region Tracking Topics

May, 31, 2021 by

With the new ATC regions in effect, controllers need a new way to communicate with pilots about airport openings, times open, etc. This is where the new ATC Region Tracking Topics come in.

These topics are designed to engage controllers and pilots in several ways, and in several perspectives.

ATC Perspective
Air Traffic Controllers can comment on the topic, announcing the opening of an ATC facility, along with important airport information. Announcing opening of a facility in these topics will increase exposure to the pilots willing to fly to ATC serviced, potentially leading to more traffic.

Pilots’ Perspective
When available, you can check the #atc category on the Infinite Flight Community Forum and locate a region’s ATC Tracking Topic to find the current staffed airports. You can also check the latest events on the first post of the topic. Using the ATC Region Tracking Topic, your next flight will most likely include ATC staffing.

Event Creators’ Perspective
There is also a third point-of-view regarding these topics; event creators. As mentioned above, the latest events of a region will be featured in the original post. This increases exposure to events, potentially boosting sign-ups, and everyone will therefore have a better experience.

Using ATC Region Tracking Topics will bring nothing but positive results to all sides and perspectives. It’s a win-win-win scenario. So why not use it to announce staffing of an airport, create an event, or even plan your next flight?

Muhammad A. is a contributor for the IFATC Education Group and an IFATC Specialist. He is also the founder of LOT Virtual, and enjoys basic coding in his free time.