Welcoming 11 new IFATC Supervisors

June, 8, 2021 by

I’m extremely happy to welcome our newest IFATC Supervisors to the team!

  • Jakub Astary
  • Eddie (Edoardo_C)
  • Alexandre
  • LesterXavier
  • Antoine Turrian
  • DannyL
  • Kyle (Kyle0705)
  • Siddhansh Narang
  • Vignesh S
  • Zuhair.Mazhar
  • Evan V.

Each of these members have stood out in their day to day controlling, training time contributions, training roles, appeal team efforts, and continue to perfectly represent the expectations outlined in 1A.5.3!

As we move forward and grow in size you’ll see another round of Appeal Team members, new Supervisors, and a Tester team refresh in an effort to pass around opportunities for others to get involved.

Tyler Shelton is the ATC Community Manager for Infinite Flight. He is also a real-world civilian air traffic controller with the FAA assigned to Harrisburg International Airport [KMDT].