What did you accomplish this week?

September, 25, 2020 by

A popular day of the week in our Group’s Slack is Friday. That’s the day I ask everyone what they accomplished or learned that week. As part of our effort to start bringing these types of experiences to everyone, we will now be moving that weekly gathering to our blog.

It’s a feed of positivity that many have said inspires them, I myself am one of those people.

We had a few accomplishments this week, but I’ll note two. One, we added this messaging feature you’ll be using to the site. Still needs some tweaking. Two, we have an incredibly exciting set of guests upcoming, one of the guests will have to wait a bit longer because it’s a busy part of season at the moment for them so we’re waiting for it to calm down to talk about a date.

To participate, in the section at the bottom of this page, leave a message stating what you accomplished or learned this week.

Kyle Boas is the Founder of the IFATC Education Group. He is an IFATC Supervisor and Infinite Flight Appeals team member. — More
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Harry L
2 years ago

I managed to keep perfect grades so far in school.

Shane H
2 years ago

I managed to pass a very difficult geometry exam, but other than that, lots of among us lately.

Ethan R
2 years ago

Beginning my college decision process

Edoardo C
2 years ago

Survived, I was about to die yesterday.

Lawin S
2 years ago

I have accomplished a lot this week!

  1. I have finished 4 exams and 1 test.
  2. I got approved for radar training and I have started and there’s a lot of progress happening! (:
  3. In my science test I got 19/20 marks which almost no one in my class did, so I’m very proud.