What is an AIRMET?

October, 13, 2020 by ,

AIRMET stands for “Airman’s Meteorological Information”. AIRMETs are issued for weather that may be hazardous, other than convective activity, to single engine, other light aircraft, and Visual Flight Rule (VFR) pilots. However, operators of large aircraft may also be concerned with these phenomena.

They are typically issued for:

  • IFR conditions
  • Mountain obscuration
  • Moderate Turbulence
  • Icing and freezing levels

It’s something you can check up on in the United States via NOAA, daily. AIRMETs are routinely issued for 6 hour periods beginning at 0145 UTC during Central Daylight Time and at 0245 UTC during Central Standard Time.

*References: NOAA, Think Aviation

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